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Event Planning Tips from Marsh Lake Tents & Events

Event Planning Details Tailored to Your Event

At Marsh Lake Tents & Events, our event planning and quoting is very personalized and specific to each event. We offer competitive pricing to all of our customers, providing complete packages that include all our accessories or parts of, depending on your needs. Our dedicated staff will remain on-site and assist with any site management services you may require, facilitating and managing the event for you.

Troubleshoot Unforeseen Problems with Our Assistance

Our experts can troubleshoot any unforeseen problems and organize any materials or products that you may need to ensure your event is a resounding success. Factors to consider when determining what size of tent you require include:

  • Provisions should be made for the following:
    • Food serving areas
    • Bars
    • Stages
    • Displays
    • Any other specially-designed space
  • Size & location of aisles
  • Fire, building & liquor board codes

We’ll work with you during the planning stages of your event to ensure you do not overlook any unforeseen items. When planning a wedding, consider our complete wedding packages. Contact us for an estimate!

Tent Size     Sq Footage     Capacity

20 x 20          400                    35

Hex               1,000                 85

90 x 60          5,400                450

90 x 90          8,100                675

90 x 120        10,800              900

90 x 150        13,500              1,125

90 x 180        16,200              1,350

90 x 210        18,900              1,575

The above chart is for a sit-down dinner with round-table seating. We can accommodate the following:

  • 12 square feet per person for a sit-down dinner (round tables)
  • 8 square feet per person for a sit-down dinner (rectangular tables)
  • 4 square feet per person, standing or mingling
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